Goose made a setlist and checked it twice before taking the stage to wrap Goosemas IX with a sold-out crowd (and many more tuning in via at 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO on Saturday. For the second set, though, the quintet once again drew requests submitted by fans out of Santa’s bag, building a setlist on the fly as the band had done on Friday.

Goose kicked off the evening with a festive performance of “Carol of the Bells” before moving on to an upbeat “Turbulence & The Night Rays”. “Atlas Dogs” came next ahead of the first extended jam of the night, “Time to Flee”.

Goose – “Carol of the Bells” [Pros-Shot] – 12/17/22

The Peter Anspach-penned jam started out in a major key before building tension with inspired guitar work from both Anspach and Rick Mitarotonda, eventually reaching a peak after 12 minutes. The band then transitioned into a funky groove, with Anspach alternating between piano and clavinet, before returning to the song’s main theme. Bassist Trevor Weekz and percussionist Jeff Arevalo twinkled brightly as they held down the groove along with the sturdy Ben Atkind on drums. The jam clocked in at a total of 23 minutes. Set one also included the ballad “A Western Sun” and a 20-minute “Tumble”, which closed out the first frame on a high note.

The second set featured fan requests, which before the show were written on balls and placed into a sack from which the band drew at random. The newly popular “Thatch”, a tune recently debuted during Goose’s joint tour with Trey Anastasio Band—a.k.a. the TABoose tour—was the first song chosen by the audience, followed by dance party favorite “Creatures”, which was accompanied by stunning lighting design from Andrew Goedde.

After “Creatures”, Goose played just the arpeggiator jam of “Animal” for the first time ever before jamming into “Factory Fiction”, which featured a darker groove and led in turn to “Animal”. Anspach used his keyboard to embellish the song with animal sounds before the band moved onto the title track from its latest album, Dripfield, to close the set.

Goose – “Dripfield” [Pro-Shot] – 12/17/22

According to Coach’s notes, audience members did the wave as they anticipated the encore, and “Jeb told an elf joke as prompted by the balls,” adding to the evening’s festive theme.

The encore was a “Hot Tea” sandwich filled with “Linus And Lucy”, the Vince Guaraldi-penned Charlie Brown theme famously featured on the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Check out photos from the second night of Goosemas courtesy of photographer Daniel Ojeda, and stream the whole show via Bandcamp below.

Video livestreams (with 48-hour replay) and post-show audio recordings of both Goosemas shows at 1stBank Center are available via To order your Goosemas webcasts, head here. Subscribe to here to access more than 200 live Goose shows.

Having concluded this year’s Goosemas celebration, Goose is set to perform at the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO tonight as part of a benefit for Conscious Alliance. Fans can stream the show live via Goose will celebrate New Year’s Eve in Cincinnati, and the band has tour dates throughout 2023, including a residency at The Capitol Theatre and a headlining performance at Daze Between New Orleans. For a full list of Goose’s upcoming tour dates and tickets, visit the band’s website.

Setlist [via ElGoose]: Goose | Goosemas IX | 1stBANK Center | Broomfield, CO | 12/17/22

Set One: Carol Of The Bells [1], Turbulence & The Night Rays, Atlas Dogs, Time to Flee, A Western Sun, Tumble

Set Two: Thatch, Creatures, Slow Ready [2], Factory Fiction, Animal [3], Dripfield

Encore: Hot Tea > Linus And Lucy [4] > Hot Tea

Coach’s Notes:

[1] Traditional.
[2] Jam only.
[3] With animal sounds.
[4] Vince Guaraldi.
Coach’s Corner: The second set was decided based on a random selection of balls with fan requests written on them. Before the encore, the crowd did the wave and Jeb told an elf joke as prompted by the balls. Carol of the Bells was played for the first time since December 21, 2019 (178 shows).