On her 2019 Grammy-nominated album DaylightGrace Potter broke away from her band The Nocturnals and bore her soul on a telling collection of music. Featured on the album was “Release”, an emotional piano-driven song about breaking the bonds of pain and trauma that bind us to unhappiness. On Friday, Grace Potter shared a new music video for “Release” that puts a face to this internal struggle.

Directed by Catherine Fordham, the video for “Release” stars Potter herself in an oceanic setting. The singer-songwriter’s attachment to her past is reflected physically throughout the video as she is tied to a rowboat called The owl— an animal which Potter & The Nocturnals have used as a symbol for years. As she trudges along a sunny beach, weighed down by seaweed and the boat, Potter finally summons the strength to break free of the ropes and burn the dingy in a cathartic expunging of her pain.

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“I wrote ‘Release’ about letting go of grief & pain in order to forge a better way forward,” Potter said in a press release. “It’s the most personal song I have ever written – but since I wrote it, it’s taken on a far more powerful meaning. Everything changed this past year and never has a song felt more relevant or connected to the human experience as it does in this moment. We are all ready to heal. We’re all ready for a little release.”

Watch the new music video for “Release” by Grace Potter.

Grace Potter – “Release” (Official Music Video)

[Video: Grace Potter]

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