UPDATE 5/5/20: Phish will re-stream their 1/15/17 performance in Mexico tonight as part of their weekly Dinner and a Movie archival webcast/cooking series. You can tune in to the full show below at 8:30 ET and read along with our Stream Companion here.

Phish ‘Dinner and a Movie’ Ep. 7 – 1/15/17 – Riviera Maya, MX – Full Show

Phish returned to the Barcelo for night 3 of their destination event in Riviera Maya, Mexico. After two beautiful days in Mexico, Sunday saw gray skies and a good amount of pre-show rain. It would rain on and off throughout the show, but Phish would make the best, with Lighting Designer Chris Kuroda taking full advantage of the mist in the sky with a gorgeous light show.

The band started things off with a take on Stevie Wonder‘s “Boogie On Reggae Woman”. Trey Anastasio had some trouble remembering the lyrics but turned it into a lighthearted moment by making fun of himself throughout the song. The band made up for the early flub with an energetic rendition of the funky classic. Anastasio eventually cut things off, opting to start up “Simple”, which was a great early opportunity for the band to stretch themselves out. Phish delivered a typically sublime piece of improvisation out of “Simple”, which really set the tone for the rest of the night.

After a few minutes,  the familiar and sinister “Tweezer” riff emerged out of the jam, and the band transitioned into the fan favorite and reliable source of improvisation. Typically reserved for the second set, “Tweezer” confirmed the band’s intentions for the evening, as they quickly launched into a tight and funky jam. The band was fully locked in, building the intensity as Jon Fishman kept the beat with perfection. Phish would return to “Tweezer” to bring it to a close, quickly starting up “Roggae” for another chance at some improvisation. This was a standout version of “Roggae”, with Mike Gordon showing off his skills throughout.

Phish then started up “Nothing”, a rarity not seen in 58 shows and played for only the 7th time ever. “Ghost” was up next, continuing the set of songs typically found in the second set. “Ghost” featured a pronounced “Little Drummer Boy” tease from Anastasio before the band delivered a soaring piece of improvisation that was reminiscent of an energetic “First Tube”. “Ghost” was easily the standout moment from the first set, with Anastasio working up an impressive and aggressive solo before bringing the song to a close. “Ya Mar” was the perfect follow-up, providing a breather with the song’s relaxed beach vibes. A short-but-sweet “Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan” brought the energy back up, which was followed by the always zany “Rift”.

“Fluffhead” followed, acting as the set closer. While there were one or two forgotten lyrics during the song’s verses, the composed sections more than made up for it, as the band turned in a spirited take on the multi-sectional classic. Life was indeed a bundle of joy for all of those in Mexico as this highlight-filled first set came to a close.

“Down With Disease” kicked off the second set, with the band falling in behind Gordon for a brooding bass-led jam. The unfinished “Disease” flowed seamlessly into “No Men In No Man’s Land” with Trey delivering the refrain emphatically, long red locks blowing in the ocean breeze. A down and dirty “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley” followed, as the band skillfully layed into the song’s structure before dropping into sparse, funky jam space led by Gordon and McConnell. The “Sally” jam then turned on a dime to a spacey riff, which ended with a chilling, thrilling run through the “Shipwreck” narration from Halloween 2014 in Las Vegas. The “Shipwreck” teases continued as the band segued into “Possum”. Watch full video of the set-opening “Disease” below, via Phish’s Facebook page:

After an impeccable “Possum”, the dark guitar riff of “Carini” rang out across the beach. The band launched into a slow-burning jam out of the fan-favorite tune, with Trey peppering in Hendrix-like riffs over waves of feedback. As the last “Shipwreck” infused notes of the jam fizzled out, the familiar drum intro to “David Bowie” began to roll in, making its return after a longer-than-usual gap 12-show gap. The “Bowie” slowly built a out of a syncopated jam to its typically towering climax.

The band followed up one classic composition with another, diving into “Harry Hood” (shoutout to #MSGHoodGuy, have fun out there buddy). “Hood” got going with a jazzy, fast-paced build-up, before the band harnessed the excitement and joy of the tropical beachfront celebration for a particularly euphoric peak.

Trey addressed the crowd just before the final notes hit, thanking everyone for a great year, and promising to see us all “pretty soon.” The band returned to the stage for an emotional “Slave To The Traffic Light”, before the crowd flocked to wave side to splash around one last time with a ripping “Tweezer Reprise”, serving as the cherry on top of an incredible performance–easily the best of the 6 Riviera Maya shows.

With that, Rivera Maya 2 comes to an end, and with no more dates officially announced, no one is sure exactly when Phish will perform again (although we have a few ideas). Until then, all those in attendance (and all of us streaming at home) will be riding high on the Mexico wave for weeks to come.

Phish | Barceló Maya Beach | Riviera Maya, MX | 1/15/2017

Set One: Boogie On Reggae Woman > Simple -> Tweezer > Roggae, Nothing, Ghost> Ya Mar, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Rift > Fluffhead

Set Two: Down with Disease[1] -> No Men In No Man’s Land > Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley -> Possum > Carini > David Bowie, Harry Hood,

Encore: Slave To The Traffic Light, Tweezer Reprise

Notes: Ghost contained Little Drummer Boy teases. Sneakin Sally, Possum, Carini, and David Bowie contained Shipwreck quotes.