In an interview with Anthony Mason on CBS Sunday Morning this week, Graham Nash discussed a variety of topics, including his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career, living in quarantine, as well as a forthcoming album.

After performing a rendition of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young‘s “Teach Your Children” on his Martin acoustic guitar, Nash explained that while he was five shows deep into a sold-out March 2020 tour, he was concerned about his crew and audience as the coronavirus pandemic came into focus throughout the United States.

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“Very strange times,” he told Mason. “We’ve been talking a long time over these years and it’s never been this weird, has it?” Nash pondered.

Strange as it may be, Nash went on to tell Mason that he is actually adjusting quite well to the new normal of stay-at-home orders and statewide quarantines.

“It’s not been too weird for me. I’m not a very social creature,” said Nash, appealing to introverts everywhere. “I like to stay in my apartment, I like to be making music,” he continued.

While his penchant for making music should surprise nobody, as he has been at it for nearly 60 years since he co-founded The Hollies in 1962, news of a new album is sure to please fans everywhere.

“I’m doing demos. I’ve got half an album already done,” he exclaimed.

Midway through the interview, Nash confirmed that he founded Crosby, Stills & Nash because The Hollies didn’t want to record “Marrakesh Express”, which later went on to become the first hit for the supergroup and sparked his move from England to the United States. Before closing with an encore rendition of “Be Yourself”, off his 1971 Songs For Beginners album, Nash admitted that while he wants to be back on the road performing for fans, he doesn’t see it happening until 2021.

Watch the entire interview below and head to his website for the latest tour information.

Graham Nash Talks Career, Quarantine, New Album on CBS Sunday Morning

[Video: CBS Sunday Morning]