“Nothing lasts!”

Such was the famous statement from Ken Kesey which became one of the familiar mottos used by The Merry Pranksters during the era of their Acid Test parties where the Grateful Dead performed originally as The Warlocks. The Dead would embrace Kesey’s “here-and-now” ethos and used his inspiration to focus on the spontaneity of the unfolding moment during performances throughout their career.

No setlist was certain, and no songs in the vast catalog of live material were looked at as permanent in the creative world of the Grateful Dead during their 30-year run. This included even their most popular and beloved original material amongst the Deadhead community. Even a song like “Dark Star”, which held the mantle as the band’s premier cosmic anthem from their earlier days as a band, at one point, took its final trip, which happened in Atlanta, GA on this day 30 years ago on March 30th, 1994.

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The Dead’s 18-song performance at Omni Coliseum (often called “The Omni”) on that night began with a safe first set with songs including “Here Comes Sunshine”, “Feel Like A Stranger”, “The Same Thing”, “El Paso”, and “New Speedway Boogie”. It was during a very strong second half, however, when fans heard the band’s last-ever rendition of “Dark Star”.

The second set opened with “Scarlet Begonias” into “Fire on the Mountain”, followed by a “Playing in the Band” which eventually dropped into the familiar opening riff of “Dark Star”. The 3/30/94 take on one of the few Dead originals credited to each original bandmember plus Robert Hunter might not be considered its strongest performance by Deadheads, but it serves notably as the final trip into the musical cosmos with a song that had served countless psychedelic experiences for listeners over the years.

Revisit the band’s final performance of “Dark Star” at The Omni on this day in 1994 via the show’s audio below.

Grateful Dead – The Omni – 3/30/94 [Full-Show Audio]

[Audio: Jonathan Aizen]

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