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Grateful Dead ‘All The Years Live’ Video Series: “Ollin Arageed” > “Fire On The Mountain” From Egpyt [Watch]

The latest installment in the Grateful Dead‘s All The Years Live video series is available now on the band’s YouTube page. This entry highlights the Dead’s performance of “Ollin Arageed” into “Fire On The Mountain” at the Giza Sound And Light Theatre underneath the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt on September 16th, 1978.

Taken from the Grateful Dead’s legendary trip to Egypt in September 1978, this video features percussion from Hamza El Din and his choir. The Egyptian Nubian composer served as a link between the Grateful Dead and the Middle East, with drummer Mickey Hart helping bridge the gap between the East and West. Hamza El Din wrote “Ollin Arageed” and went on to perform the song with the Dead at the closing of Winterland Ballroom on December 31st, 1978 in San Francisco. Over the next seven years, Hamza performed “Ollin Arageed” with the Dead four more times onstage.

Grateful Dead archivist and legacy manager David Lemieux notes in the video’s description,

One of the most magical events in the Grateful Dead’s entire 30 year trip was their Egypt voyage, and this video captures one of the many special moments that happened when the Dead visited Egypt. Hamza El Din and his choir performed Ollin Arageed with the Dead accompanying, and the seamless transition into Fire On The Mountain is one of the coolest musical juxtapositions in the Grateful Dead’s history. Perfection personified.

Watch the Grateful Dead debut “Ollin Arageed” with Hamza El Din and segue into “Fire On The Mountain” in Egypt.

Grateful Dead, Hamza El Din – “Ollin Arageed” > “Fire On The Mountain” – 9/16/78


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