Amazon Echo has just learned a new skill that allows users to listen to vintage Grateful Dead recordings. By simply saying, “Alexa, open Sunshine Daydream” and following the prompts, Echo and other Alexa devices will provide hours of Grateful Dead recordings for free throughout your home speaker system. Sunshine Daydream contains hundreds of the best commercially unreleased recordings of the best performances spanning their 30-year history from All live songs included in the skill are handpicked from thousands of recordings. You can also submit your favorites here and they’ll be included in future releases of Sunshine Daydream.

According to JamBuzz, users can ask Alexa to “steal my face,” “keep truckin’,” “let there be songs to fill the air,” and “play some dead” with the new skill. In addition to navigating to the next and previous tracks in the playlist, you can ask Sunshine Daydream to shuffle. If you close the skill in the middle of a jam, it will even pick up right where you left off when you open the skill the next time. Learn more about Sunshine Daydream here.

[Photo by Ed Perlstein/Redferns/Getty Images]