It is no surprise that LSD had a huge influence on the Grateful Dead. In recent interviews, both Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir have spoken out about the drug’s impact on themselves and their music, both positive and negative. Now, Phil Lesh is the latest Dead member to share his views on the band’s psychedelic days.

What We Learned About LSD, Jerry Garcia and Adam Deitch From Bill Kreutzmann

“We found that while high we were able to go very far out musically but still come back to some kind of recognizable space or song structure,” Lesh recalled in a new interview with Mojo Magazine. “I knew instantly that this combination – acid and music – was the tool I’d been looking for.”

Bob Weir Discusses Grateful Dead Reunion Rehearsals With Trey Anastasio

The “core four” all perfomed this week at the massive “Dear Jerry” Jerry Garcia tribute show along with The Disco Biscuits, Billy & The Kids, moe., OAR, Jimmy Cliff and many more.