This past Saturday, Greensky Bluegrass took the stage at the Blue Ridge Falls Drive-In for a Halloween show. In addition to the spooky celebration, the evening also celebrated the jamgrass outfit’s 20th anniversary together and featured a proper mining of the group’s catalog. On Wednesday, Greensky Bluegrass shared pro-shot footage of their performance of “Hold On” from 10/31/20.

The track off 2016’s Shouted, Written Down & Quoted came in the midst of a cover-heavy second set. Following the sandwiching of Black Sabbath‘s “War Pigs” between the GSBG original “Kerosene”, and before a take on Tears For Fears‘ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, came “Hold On”.

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The run through the tune, which didn’t quite crack the five-minute mark, came with some useful advice for post-election hysteria in Paul Hoffman‘s repeated refrain, “Hold on and hope for the best.” The band members passed the musical baton around as the matching, light-up sneakers from their time-traveling costume theme blinked away.

While Hoffman led the charge in the beginning of the song, the torch was soon passed to Michael Bont on banjo, before he ultimately ceded to dobro player Anders Beck. As the video fades out, the band sets up the pins for the Tears For Fears cover that would follow.

Watch Greensky Bluegrass perform “Hold On” from their Halloween show at the Blue Ridge Falls Drive-In.

Greensky Bluegrass — “Hold On” — Brevard, NC — 10/31/20

[Video: GreenskyBluegrass]