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Greensky Bluegrass & Marco Benevento To Host WaterWheel’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Greensky Bluegrass recently announced an exciting new show at the Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk on August 3rd. With Marco Benevento as a special guest, this show is sure to be a doozy. On a Thursday between Phish shows, smack-dab in the middle of the jam juggernauts’ Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Gardens, fans will come together to celebrate twenty years of Phish’s WaterWheel Foundation. The WaterWheel Foundation was created in 1997 to oversee Phish’s charitable activities. The foundation chooses from a diverse smattering of non-profits to benefit charities focused on social services for women and children, food banks, urban gardening, clean water access, and land conservation, to name a few. Thanks to the generosity of the fans, since its creation, the WaterWheel’s Touring Division has donated over $1,000,000 to more than 425 groups.

Greensky Bluegrass and Marco Benevento are both tenured acts in the scene that have been tapped to celebrate this charitable foundation’s 20th anniversary and the great work they have done over the years. For more than a decade and a half, the members of Greensky Bluegrass have created their own version of bluegrass music, mixing the acoustic stomp of a string band with the rule-breaking spirit of rock & roll. The group redefined their sound once again with their sixth album, Shouted, Written Down & Quoted. Rock out to that hereMarco Benevento has been amassing an extensive body of work for almost as much time as these bluegrass all-stars. Anybody who’s seen Marco Benevento perform will attest that he’s a satellite to the muse, with his eyes closed, smile wide across his face and fingers free-flowing across the keys. Listen to his 2016 The Story of Fred Short here.

Tickets to Greensky Bluegrass with special guest Marco Benevento are now on sale. $1 from every ticket will go to The WaterWheel Foundation. Tickets available here.

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[Cover Photo by Jeremy Scott]