A member of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong‘s loyal Flock has made his own quarantine performance video of “Stay”, featuring the band’s frontman, Greg Ormont.

Pigeons fan Jacob Guinnup, aka “Conga J”, made the most of his Cameo investment by having Scrambled Greg record pieces of “Stay” from the band’s debut Funk EP. Armed with a loop of Greg playing acoustic guitar and providing vocals for the first verse, bridge, and chorus, Guinnup added his own contribution.

The video begins with Greg saying hey to Jacob, acknowledging how cool of an idea this is, and noting that, in some ways, quarantine is bringing some people closer together. Greg does kind of have a point here, as in most other situations, a card-carrying Flocker would be hard-pressed to find themself in a situation where jamming with Greg would be a possibility.

With that, Ormont launches into the song, and four Guinnups pop on the screen to provide drum, auxiliary percussion, and even kazoo accompaniment. The real surprise comes in the second verse when Guinnup takes lead vocals, only to join back in with Ormont for the final bridge and refrain. When asked about the collaboration, Guinnup told Live For Live Music,

Back on Valentines Day 2019 Pigeons were playing at the Bluebird in Bloomington, IN. “Stay” was a favorite of mine at the time and I requested the band to play it that night. They played it, but I missed the entire song because I was talking to Andrew from Dizgo at set break and lost track of time. So since I missed it then, I figured what better way to get “my song” than to just collab with Greg himself. I jumped on that opportunity and loved every minute of it.

Watch Jacob Guinnup “sit-in” with Greg Ormont of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong on “Stay” through Cameo. You can also order your own cameo from Scrambled Greg here.

Greg Ormont, Jacob Guinnup – “Stay”

[Video: Jacob Guinnup]

For the time being, the only Pigeons concerts will be digital. Whether that is through the band’s regular appearances on the Live From Out There virtual festival or industrious fans like Guinnup is really only a matter of preference and ingenuity. Last month, Pigeons was forced to cancel its annual Domefest celebration due to the spread of COVID-19 and all touring plans are on hold. Check the band’s website for any announcements, and stay updated on cancelled events with the Live For Live Music concert cancellation tracker.