In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Gregg Allman‘s longtime manager Michael Lehman discusses plans for an annual vault release, the forthcoming Laid Back reissue, Gregg’s life and legacy, and much more.

Prior to his death in 2017 due to complications with his liver, Gregg asked Michael, “Will people forget me?”, to which Michael would respond back, “People will never forget you and your voice and what you meant to so many people”. Lehman will make sure no one forgets about his longtime friend by planning out an annual vault release of Allman’s work, beginning with a reissue of Gregg’s debut 1973 solo album, Laid Back, due out on August 30th via Mercury.

Lehman shared his thoughts with Rolling Stone on the forthcoming release. He explained,

It was a time in his life with a lot of tragedy, but there were a lot of good things going on. We always had warm and meaningful conversations about that record. He loved the record and the portrait on the cover and all the artwork inside.

Lehman went on to share that Gregg loved Laid Back so much that, later, “he was approached to purchase the original painting on the cover—but couldn’t afford it.” Lehman also revealed that Allman’s master tapes, owned by Universal, were not lost in a 2008 studio fire at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Head to Rolling Stone to read the full article on Gregg Allman’s posthumous projects.

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