Greywold has released the second single, “Temple”, from his forthcoming debut album, Operation Wolf, due out this fall. Greywolf, aka Jay Grey, bassist for rising jam act Escaper shows off his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist under his Greywolf moniker.

A perfect follow-up to his solo debut, “Exit Key”, this track continues the beautiful sounds and harmonies of the first release, as well as some similar themes. “Temple” touches on release, cutting the chains of everything that has weighed you down, be it shame, adversity or betrayal; making a conscious choice to live your best life and to project love, even in times of peril.

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The track opens with synth sounds that evoke bells ringing in the distance, as well as some beautiful harmonizing between Greywolf and guest vocalist Aya Nori. The track contains elements of arena pop, hip-hop and R&B—particularly on Aya’s verse—and sounds at times like a Justin Timberlake tune.

Greywolf once again plays all the instruments on this track including vocals, synth, bass, and beat programming, with additional lyrics written and sung by Aya Nori. Aya Nori is coming off her the heels of her sultry single, “Daze,” the follow-up to her critically acclaimed song. “Young & Offended”.

“I’ve been wanting to work with Aya for a while,” notes Greywolf of the “Temple” collab. “I feel we’re cut from the same cloth in terms of tonality.”

Listen to the new track from Greywolf with Aya Nori, “Temple”, below via YouTube or on Spotify here.

Greywolf ft. Aya Nori – “Temple”

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