GRiZ will go on hiatus effective October 2023, the DJ/producer announced on Tuesday. In regard to his return, the 33-year-old electronic artist left his return open-ended, writing, “I’m not going to put a hard time limit length on the break.”

“In October of this year I’m going to play my last show for the foreseeable future and will be taking a good amount of time off from touring and the GRiZ project,” he wrote in a social media post. “Life is really good, and often I make myself too busy to see just where I am and how far this project has come. I’m following my gut instincts so for now, I’m not going to put a hard time limit length on the break.”

In the post, the artist born Grant Kwiecinski reflected on his humble beginnings “djing to a room of no one at 9 pm for a free PBR or two.” He also looked ahead to his schedule before going on hiatus. While he noted that there will be no GRiZMASSpace Camp, or New Year’s Eve show, he did tease his last headlining/curated GRiZ show. Specific details will arrive later this week, but GRiZ noted, “It’s an intimate venue in a beautiful location and I’m really excited for it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I think we nailed it w this one!”

GRiZ still has plenty to keep him and his fans busy between now and October. His schedule consists almost entirely of festival appearances, including a doubleheader at Bonnaroo where GRiZ tacked on an additional “Chasing the Golden Hour” set on Saturday, June 17th in the slot vacated by Rainbow Kitten Surprise. The sunset performance comes in addition to his previously announced set on Friday the 16th.

Other festival dates around the country follow at Breakaway, Shambala, Moonrise, Secret Dreams, Bass Canyon, and more. GRiZ will host GRiZMAS In July on July 28th in Wilmington, NC, and as of now, his final scheduled performance is at Same Same But Different in Lake Perris, CA the weekend of September 28th–October 1st (exact date not yet confirmed).

“Talk soon …and hey, I love ya,” GRiZ wrote in closing. “Only reason why I’ve been able to make it this far is bc of y’all so thank you for your support all these years. Ur the best.”

See the full GRiZ post announcing his hiatus below. Visit his website for tickets and a detailed list of tour dates.


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