Guitarist Deniz Cuylan delivers an enchanting performance on his ambient new single, “Object Of Desire”. Out today (3/3), the instrumental recording is the second single shared from Cuylan’s forthcoming album, No Such Thing As Free Will, due out on March 19th via Hush Hush Records.

The classical guitar-inspired composition hears the Turkey-born musician exploring deep, moving melodies through a flurry of finger-picked notation on his acoustic instrument. The fluttering sounds of his guitar are also given extra lift thanks to the dreamy, atmospheric accompaniment of another instrument, which appears in and out during the recording via haunting, drawn-out notation.

“‘Object Of Desire’ is like a focus breathing exercise for me,” Cuylan added in a press statement about his latest single. “You can almost hear my deep breaths going in and out accompanying the pulsating solo guitar recording.”

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Listen to the new recording from Deniz Cuylan in the mesmerizing video below, which was directed by Idil Ergün.

Deniz Cuylan – “Object Of Desire”

[Video: Hush Hush Records]