In a recent interview with CNN‘s Rick Damigella, members of the alien metal band GWAR shared an “optimistic” message regarding the coronavirus pandemic: They don’t want the virus to kill you, they want to do it themselves.

That’s right, everyone has a duty to survive this global pandemic so that the Scumdogs of the Universe and two-time GRAMMY-losers can embark on their decades-long mission of taking over the world and ridding the planet of the parasitical disease known as humans. The bad boys of the universe have made music since 1984, however, their meddling in human affairs goes back eons, as the alien musicians claim to have “shaped the face of the globe” and “gave rise to all of human history,” according to the band’s Facebook page. Now, their overarching goal of destroying the human race is in jeopardy, and the band isn’t having any of it.

“Once this is all over, you know, we want to kill you up close. We like it personal. We don’t, you know, want a pandemic to take you guys out, we need to work too, and that’s our job,” drummer JiZMak da Gusha said during the remote interview.

Vocalist Sawborg Destructo followed him by saying, “Build your fortress in your living room or your basement, weather out this virus, and in a few months you can come to the GWAR show and then you will die!”

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While the virus has thrown a wrench in the band’s plans for global domination, lead guitarist Pustulus Maximus looked on the bright side and described all of the positive aspects of the global quarantine that has shut down live events across the globe.

“I just think that it’s a very opportune time to not have to talk to anyone,” Maximus said. “Management doesn’t call, the labels don’t call,” he continued. Watch the full interview below.

GWAR Coronavirus Interview

[Video: CNN]

Though it may be in the best interest of humankind, much like every other touring band and musician, GWAR has recently postponed a string of spring tour dates due to the pandemic—potentially saving the lives of thousands across the United States. Head to the band’s website for the latest tour information and tune into Sawborg Destructo’s Facebook Live event tomorrow, here.