The Higgs‘ Garrett Morris has released yet another drum cover, this time of Pink Floyd‘s “Echoes”, featuring saxophonists Josh Schwartz (Turkuaz) and A.J. Hill (Spam Allstars/special guest Vida Blue), and guitarist Anthony Cullins. Part one of this two-part cover follows his previous take on Trey Anastasio Band‘s “Drifting”, which included a reaction video from TAB drummer Russ Lawton.

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Following the praise from friends and fans over his “Drifting” cover, Morris decided to push forward with another, but this time he let the people decide the song via a Facebook poll.

“I thought, ‘how could we streamline the process,” Morris said in a press release. “There’s a huge universe of songs out there and I didn’t want a 50-way tie…So for the vote, we decided to go with three albums, two songs from each album.”

Taking inspiration from Phish‘s costume records, Morris put together a list of songs for fans to vote on, and the eventual winner was Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”. Aside from the song’s lengthy, 20-minute runtime, “Echoes” does not have a horn section on the studio recording. This made the addition of Schwartz and Hill that much more interesting. While the cover stays true to the original, capturing the same feel and groove present on the studio version, the addition of horns breathes new life into the Meddle track.

“This was a unique opportunity and challenge where it was a blank slate in terms of no horns,” Schwartz shared. “Also a very iconic band, I tried to imagine horns that are kinda trippy and often times spacey. But parts of it are also funky. It was fun putting that together with A.J. He put down some awesome parts.”

Hill added, “It just came organically, just listening. I had a couple different versions and something would just pop into my head and I’d go through the whole song and by the time I got there, it would morph into something else. Finally, I got the one part after a couple takes, the part I ended up sticking with. I think it’s pretty appropriate, it gives space but also makes a statement and leaves room for the guitar to play over on top.”

Perched behind his early 90s, 4-ply, maple red Ludwig kit, Morris controlled the drum cover with patience and focused power. What started off slow and tranquil eventually built into an upbeat groove full of life and youthful energy. The multi-cam shoot, with audio/visual help from Goose‘s Peter Anspach, truly captured the passion present in the recording rooms.

“I kinda tried to have the same feel as Nick [Mason] does but I also wanted to include some of my own flair, my own approach to it as well,” said Morris. “So it was a little bit of both. But I didn’t want to lose the feel or style that was already in the song.”

Get lost in the groove with part one of the Garrett Morris “Echoes” drum cover below, and subscribe to Morris’ YouTube page for part two and future releases.

Garrett Morris ft. Josh Schwartz, A.J. Hill, Anthony Cullins – “Echoes” (Part One) – [Drum Cover]

[Video: Garrett Morris drummer – GrooveSwell]