Holly Bowling has shared two more volumes of her Alone Together series. The live albums were culled from the Ghost Light keyboardist’s home live streams.

Earlier this month, Bowling released the first two volumes of Alone Together, which were pulled from some of her first home streams following coronavirus lockdowns. The audio on these new volumes, as with the previous two, were mastered by Rich Steele.

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Alone Together, Vol 3 (The Living Room Sessions) captures Bowling’s home performance from March 29th. The session, like all of Bowling’s solo shows, features an array of classics from jam giants such as the Grateful Dead and Phish, transcribed for a solo grand piano. Vol 3 kicks off with a roaring “Help On The Way” segueing into “Slipknot!” by the Dead before slowing things down with Phish’s “Fast Enough For You”. The hits keep coming with “Althea” and “Estimated Prophet”, before Bowling takes an unexpected turn with “Daydreaming” by Radiohead. Before long, she returns to the jamsphere with “If I Could” and the slow build of “Piper” by Phish. Then to close things out, Bowling circles back to the beginning by picking up “Slipknot!” once more and segueing into a “Franklin’s Tower” finale.

The next release, Vol 4, features Bowling’s stream from April 9th when she really kicks out the jams. After an airy “Throwing Stones” that inches toward the 15 minute-mark, Bowling goes into Phish’s “Divided Sky” which, along with the opener, kill the first half hour of the show. After returning to the Dead catalog once again with “Cassidy”, Bowling goes for the rare Phish gem “Billy Breathes”, followed by another slow cooker in “Bird Song”. Bowling gets back toward the jams with a run through Phish’s “Mercury” followed by “Morning Dew”. She once again goes off the beaten path with The National‘s “Afraid of Everyone”, before closing things down with a reprisal of “Throwing Stones”.

Stream volumes three and four of Alone Together (The Living Room Sessions) from Holly Bowling.

Holly Bowling — Alone Together, Vol 3 (The Living Room Sessions)

Holly Bowling — Alone Together, Vol 4 (The Living Room Sessions)

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