Ghost Light bandmates Holly Bowling and Raina Mullen recently reunited for a duet studio performance of Bonnie Raitt‘s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and “Nick of Time”. The video for the two-song performance was shared on Monday and sees Bowling behind the keys as per usual and Mullen on vocals, sans guitar.

Mullen really steps up and leans into the big, heart-tugging melodies of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, while also delivering the right amount of vocal power needed to charge through “Nick of Time”. Bowling’s playing on “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is wonderfully engaging and reassuringly familiar as her piano provides a subtle counter to Mullen’s lead vocal melodies.

According to Bowling, the pro-shot recording took place at Ghost Light bandmate Tom Hamilton‘s studio back in September when Bowling stopped into Philadelphia for a few days on the way home from her Wilderness Sessions tour.

“Those couple of days were the first and only time I’ve been able to see or play with any of them since February and it was both the best thing ever and also made me miss it all so much,” Bowling added about the duet in a press statement. “I’ve always loved this song (Bon Iver’s version of it in particular) and hearing Raina sing it as we were together for the first time in seven months was cathartic.”

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“‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ is truly a song that lives forever in my being, I mean hello, Bonnie Raitt is a legend,” Mullen also added. “There’s no more universal feeling than unrequited love. But when I heard Bon Iver’s cover of it, just him and the piano, I knew that I deeply wanted to sing this song with someone who loved it just as much as I do … When we got together and finally played it for the first time in September at Tom’s studio it made me happier than I had been in months. I missed singing with my bandmates and creating something meaningful and this really filled that hole in my heart for a little while. Holly did an amazing job helping our vision come to life and adding a little improvisation at the end felt like the only way we could finish it.”

Watch the performance below.

Holly Bowling and Raina Mullen – “I Can’t Make You Love Me”/”Nick of Time”

[Video: Holly Bowling]

Bowling recently celebrated the arrival of her Seeking All That’s Still Unsung Grateful Dead covers album earlier this month, and also just wrapped a second leg on her 2020 Wilderness Sessions tour. Alongside her husband/director Jeffery, Bowling has traversed picturesque landscapes across the country for the setting of each performance.