Innovative Giving Enhancement announced Tuesday that the 2020 edition of its annual Music & Art Immersion international event will take place in Prague, the Czech Republic from October 2nd-11th, 2020.

For folks who have ever wondered what it’s like to study abroad for ten days while surrounded by top-notch musicians who collaborate in a variety of venues from jazz halls to synagogues, theaters to cathedrals, or discos to ancient pubs, IGE’s Music & Art Immersion is the answer. The lines between fan and musician are blurred as everybody travels together, experiencing cultural events and communal learning through guided tours and exhibitions.

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Beyond the musical connections, IGE participants directly benefit local Prague nonprofits and artist communities. IGE Musical Ambassadors, European All-Stars in Residence, Czech partners, local friends, and guests collaborate to support IGE’s nonprofit partners and other local organizations.

Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass shared his experience with IGE Immersion over the past three years, saying, “An IGE immersion is like no musical excursion you will participate in. It’s incomparable to any vacation; becoming a community in a foreign land to appreciate culture, art and music is the way to get to know a city like you never can sightseeing alone. On Immersions you are simultaneously a traveller and at home with a group of common-minded people.”

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The lineup for the 2019 Immersion in Lisbon, Portugal featured Nicki Bluhm, Holly Bowling, Paul Hoffman, Anders Beck, Elliott Peck, Grahame Lesh, Ross James, Mihali Savoulidis, James Casey, Natalie Cressman, Dan Lebowitz, Steve Adams, Ian Faquini, Tim Carbone, Matt Butler and all of Fruition.

The lineup for the 2020 IGE Music & Art Immersion drops in February, but registration is open now. Information and registration are available on IGE’s website here.