If you take a “Joyride” in a NYC cab, you may be greeted by the bright, shining face and groove-tastic bass of Karina Rykman. A new ABC7NY artist spotlight featuring the bassist and bandleader will be running in New York taxis beginning August 18th, the same day her debut album, Joyride, hits streaming services.

Posted to the local news station’s YouTube account with the title “Bassist’s debut album coproduced by Phish guitarist”, the glowing profile delves into Ryman’s background growing up as one of NYC’s “City Kids“, the daughter of two professors, and traces her time playing with various projects, from Youth Posse to Marco Benevento, up until her highly anticipated solo debut. The segment was produced by entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon, who says he first met Rykman when she tweeted at him at just “16 or 17,” when she was playing with a group called Youth Posse, “An early sign of the initiative that has powered her entire career.”

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The piece also highlights the mentorship she received from Phish‘s Trey Anastasio, who produced and plays on her new record. Rykman’s friendship with the Phish guitarist goes back to when she attended middle school with his daughters. After making a name for herself as Marco Benevento‘s bassist—a gig she got on the recommendation of Dave Dreiwitz (JRAD, Ween) while she was a senior at NYU—Rykman reconnected with Trey at The Peach Music Festival in 2021 and was surprised to discover he was familiar with the singles she had released, some of which have been reworked for her new album.

Watch the full ABC profile on “impressive young artist” Karina Rykman below.

Rykman will take the new album on the road with the largest headlining tour of her career, set to launch in August with a string of festival appearances and run through December with headlining shows across the U.S. featuring special guest Guerilla Toss. Visit Rykman’s website for tickets and a full list of tour dates. Joyride is available here for pre-order.

Bassist’s debut album coproduced by Phish guitarist (Karina Rykman Profile) – Eyewitness News ABC7NY