Grammy-winning bluegrass outfit The Infamous Stringdusters have announced their forthcoming studio effort, Rise Sun, due out on April 5th via Time Tape Records.

Andy Falco, Chris Pandolfi, Andy Hall, Jeremy Garrett, and Travis Book reunited with producer Billy Hume (who oversaw 2017’s Laws of Gravity) to record Rise Sun‘s 13 songs.

“Rise Sun was sparked by the feeling of wanting something better for the world—more love, more awareness, and more compassion,” says dobro player Andy Hall. “It’s a message of taking care of each other, our planet, and ourselves.”

“The world is polarized. Everything is so extreme, and partisan politics have become a culture war,” adds guitarist Andy Falco. “This is a reminder of what’s truly important in life—seek the truth, find your love, look up high, and aim above. Our music gives us an opportunity to bring some light in a world that can be dark sometimes.”

The Infamous Strindusters have shared their forthcoming studio album’s title-track, “Rise Sun”, ahead of the upcoming release. The upbeat tunes opens up with an infectious hand-clapping rhythm, before the quintet charges into the song with their hard-hitting vocals. Garrett and Hall flex their chops on fiddle and dobro, as the two masterminds fire off smoking hot solos, before the band goes acappella, bringing back the catchy chorus. Listen to The Infamous Stringdusters’ new tune “Sun Rise” below:

The Infamous Stringdusters – “Rise Sun”

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See Rise Sun’s full tracklisting below.

The Infamous Stringdusters – Rise Sun Tracklist:

1. Rise Sun
2. Another Night
3. Planets
4. Long Time Going
5. Thunder
6. Comin’ Again
7. Somewhere In Between
8. Carry Me Away
9. Last Of The Lucky Ones
10. If You’re Gonna Love Someone
11. Wake The Dead
12. Cloud Valley
13. Truth And Love

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