The Interstellar Boys performed their second show ever at The Oriental Theater in Denver, Colorado on Friday night. The band includes Todd NanceDanny Hutchens, Sam Holt, Jerry Joseph, John Neff, and Jon Mills. The Friday night performance featured a special guest appearance from Eric Martinez.

The Interstellar Boys are first and foremost borne from a collection of friendships. Musical friendships that date back as far as 30 years. The six players have shared stages and songs over the years and now form a new band that draws on those decades of collaboration. Todd Nance brings undeniable experience and depth to the band as a founding member/drummer/songwriter of Widespread Panic. Daniel Hutchens has been a driving force with the band Bloodkin for 29 years (and counting) and he is widely recognized as one of the South’s great modern day songwriters. Jerry Joseph and his various bands have been recording and touring on a national/international scale since the 80’s. Jerry’s expertise as a musician/songwriter is as unquestionable as his passion for sharing the power of music. He has recently toured and taught music in such far flung places as Afghanistan, Ghana and is soon to perform in Iraq. Sam Holt brings a reverence and intensity to playing the guitar that energizes the faithful fans of this community in a way that is second to none. John Neff (formerly of Drive-By Truckers) is the secret weapon that adds depth and soul via the pedal steel. And Mr. Jon Mills (professor emeritus of bass in the Athens, GA music scene) is the glue that keeps the whole thing tastefully held together.

This accomplished group of musicians and songwriters are currently on the road together after only performing once previously at the annual Bloodkin & Friends event in Athens, GA. After a successful night on the stage together in Denver, the band will continue on next week through North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

See below for videos, a setlist, and photos from Friday night’s show. You can also download the soundboard matrix here.

[by D Ragoose]

[by Bennett Schwartz of Coloartist]

Check out the full gallery, courtesy of Bill McAlaine.

The Interstellar Boys | The Oriental Theater | Denver, CO | 7/14/2017

I: Reverend Jacob Nightrain, Clinic Cynic, Ching A ling, Gunner, The Viper, The Waker

II: 10 Killer Fairies (jerry & neff only), Beautiful Vicious Cycle Of Life, Yellow Ribbons>Powderfinger>Yellow Ribbons, Blight, Way To Loud, Can’t Change the Past, Down, Henry Parsons Died

E: Roam (B 52’s cover)

Interstellar Boys Tour Dates
July 14 Denver, CO – Oriental Theatre
July 21 Asheville, NC – ISIS Music Hall
July 22 Raleigh, NC – Lincoln Theatre
July 23 Charleston, SC – Home Team BBQ (Downtown)
July 28 Atlanta, GA – Terminal West
July 29 Birmingham, AL – WorkPlay
July 30 Augusta, GA – Southbound Smokehouse (acoustic)