At last night’s New York Rangers game at MSG, organist Chad Dinzes, who also plays keyboards in the Phish tribute act Strange Design, played the Phish song “It’s Ice” from the album Rift.  We just caught this, via Hidden Track, and wanted to share it with our fellow Phish fans.  The video has a slight delay, but once it gets going you can hear this “made for hockey” version of the song.  As to how many people in the crowd recognized this version of the song is anybody’s guess.  It’s also been rumored that Dinzes played “Sample in a Jar”, but no video for that has been found at this time.

Strange Design will be playing Brooklyn Bowl on February 2nd, where they will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Rift.  You can purchase tickets for that show here.

Take a look at this video with Dinzes playing “It’s Ice”: