Jack White and the team of audio designers at CopperSound Pedals have teamed up to build a new signature foot pedal curated by the rock guitarist.

Revealed on Monday, the “Third Man Triplegraph” state-of-the-art digital octave pedal is designed to provide a ferocious addition to any guitarist’s arsenal of signal processing gear. Players will have the option to pick from the black-colored Standard Edition for $399, or the yellow-colored Limited Edition (100 total) for $449. Both editions of the uniquely-designed pedal utilize a Morse-code telegraph key-inspired switchboard to take the audio signal an octave down, an octave up, or in other directions using a killswitch or auxiliary loop. According to the announcement, White’s new signature pedal model is four years in the making, and prototypes of the design were road-tested by the guitarist during the recording and touring for The Raconteurs‘ latest album, 2019’s Help Us Stranger.

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Watch the video below to hear White showcase the capabilities of his new hair-raising effects pedal with a jam session alongside drummer Carla Azar and bassist Dominic John Davis.

CopperSound Pedals + Jack White Present Third Man Triplegraph Digital Octave Pedal

[Video: OfficialTMR]

The pedal’s announcement also details its technical capabilities in adding “The Triplegraph’s innovative design features three proprietary Morse-code telegraph keys and an integrated auxiliary loop. Using a high-power DSP Blackfin Processor, Triplegraph triggers an octave down with the left key, octave up with the right key, while the middle key activates a killswitch or auxiliary loop.”

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Meanwhile, Dunlop recently introduced their own latest artist signature effects processor in the form of a new wah pedal inspired by Tom Morello.