Jack White has a number of one-of-a-kind guitars in his arsenal, but few are quite as unique in terms of build and playing capabilities as his custom-built, Three-Wheel Motion Low Rider Fender Telecaster.

In a new video shared to YouTube on Monday, White shows off the complex guitar to viewers and explains its technical capabilities led by an amended, built-in B-bender. The unique external device located on the top of the guitar’s strap lock bends the pitch of the B-string when White moves the guitar’s body while not disturbing the pitch of the high E string.

The bridge portion of the guitar features an after-market Hipshot B-bender which also applies a noticeable shift in pitch to the G and high-E strings. Those benders near the bridge and on his guitar strap allow the three strings to sound similar to those of a pedal steel guitar with little effort required. The Tele also has a bridge switch that automatically turns the low-E string from standard tuning to a drop-D automatically, saving him from having to tune down manually mid-song, as well as a cut-off switch.

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As Guitar World notes, fans can hear the versatile guitar and its unique bending action when White plays it on the song “Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)”, which appears on The Raconteurs’ 2019 studio album, Help Us Stranger. Watch White take fans on a guided tour of his guitar via the video below.

Jack White Showcases His Three-Wheel-Motion Low Rider Fender Telecaster

[Video: The Raconteurs]

White returned to the stage last month with a last-minute performance on Saturday Night Live, where he played a customized Music Man EVH Signature model guitar inspired by the one made famous by Eddie Van Halen. Jack’s former group, The White Stripes, is also prepping a Greatest Hits release. Watch the new animated video for “Apple Blossom” released as part of the The White Stripes Greatest Hits rollout here.