LCD Soundsystem frontman and principal songwriter James Murphy is about to expand his non-musical business ventures in New York CityGrub Street reports that Murphy will open a new café and bar in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn in New York City, located right next door to his pre-existing wine bar, The Four Horsemen.

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The new establishment, to be named Daymoves, will open this Thursday, September 19th, and will act as a café during the day and transform into more of a bar setting at night. Daymoves will be owned by the same small group as The Four Horsemen in Christina Topsøe, Justin Chearno, and Randy Moon, and will require somewhat of an adventurous spirit for one to discover the venue as it will not come with any exterior signage to welcome or inform potential customers.

“We started talking about a daytime space where you can feel present and have a decent coffee without it feeling super, super buzzy or loud or busy,” General Manager Amanda Spina said about the soon-to-be-opened café and bar.

Daymoves will serve locally sourced pastries and eventually offer smaller dishes from The Four Horsemen’s kitchen. Adult beverages to be served when the venue transforms with the sunset will be a mix of natural wines and some cocktails.

“We’re fairly design-minded and we wanted everything to be beautiful. But we didn’t want it to be so nice you couldn’t get comfortable,” Spina continued. “We were imagining, kind of, an artist’s loft in the ’70s or ’80s. Where someone was living there and then they started entertaining.”

The venue will, of course, have a strong musical element highlighted by two painted 500-watt speakers custom built by Murphy. The space also includes a renovated DJ booth equipped with a Techniques SL1200 turntable.

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