Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires‘ I So Lounging is in full effect again as the husband-and-wife musical duo shared the third episode of their virtual performance series on Friday. This episode saw the two, alongside keyboardist Peter Levin, cover a mix of songs originally written by Richard BucknerBon Iver, and Derek and the Dominos.

I So Lounging recently returned for “The Second Wave” of programming after the series’ first installment saw Shires and Isbell going live nearly every day earlier this year from March 20th through April 18th. By the end of July, as the live music shutdown continued on, the couple returned with the first new episode of I So Lounging in over three months.

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With these new episodes, Shires and Isbell have employed themes for the now-weekly streams. This week saw the trio covering songs named after women. The episode began, after Shires and Isbell’s classic matrimonial banter, with a take on Richard Buckner’s “Ariel Ramirez”. However, Shires correctly points out that the Ariel that Buckner wrote the song about was an Argentinian composer who was actually a man.

After some more of the banter that has come to define the I So Lounging series, as well as take up most of the roughly 30-minute episodes, the group takes on “Beth/Rest” by Bon Iver. This song, chosen by Isbell, was actually shown to him by Shires during the early days of the courtship and helped foster his deep appreciation for the group, “I was the only person listening to Bon Iver in a Ford Ranger,” he quips.

Finally, things close out with a cover of “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos. The classic rock tune written by Eric Clapton takes on an interesting tone when played on an electric guitar, fiddle, and piano. The whole song gets a much lighter feel, especially as Shires takes lead vocals, and that delicacy is only expanded as the trio performs the song’s ironic coda to close out the session.

Watch Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, and Peter Levin perform a series of covers for the third episode of I So Lounging.

Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires, Peter Levin – I So Lounging Episode 3

[Video: Amanda Shires]