Celebrated rock and roll photographer Jay Blakesberg has entered the world of NFT (non-fungible token) art with the release of a Bicycle Day-themed digital art collection via NFT marketplace That’s Fucking Amazing (TFA).

For those unfamiliar, Bicycle Day is an annual celebration of Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman’s first intentional ingestion of the chemical compound LSD-25 on April 19th, 1943, following his discovery of the compound’s mind-altering properties three days earlier. The celebration takes its name from Hoffman’s trippy bike ride home, a fateful trip (in both senses of the word) whose impact still permeates both mainstream and counterculture today. Read a brief history of Bicycle Day and LSD here.

NFT offerings available via TFA as part of the Jay Blakesberg Bicycle Day collection include a number of animated works based around his portraits of LSD pioneers like Timothy LearyOwsley Stanley, and Ken Kesey. Check out the full selection of digital artwork available as part of the Blakesberg/TFA NFT collaboration here. To take a virtual reality tour of the Blakesberg digital art gallery, head here.

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In honor of Bicycle Day and the NFT release, Blakesberg will join TFA on Clubhouse tonight, Monday, April 19th, to discuss “all things psychedelic.” Join in here. In further celebration of the psychedelic holiday, Blakesberg has released a number of “blotter art” prints, now for sale via ShakedownGallery.com.