State-sanctioned mandatory self-distancing and self-quarantining regulations have left most of us in a place of uninspired boredom. So much so, that some folks, like Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay, have simply run out of ways to pass the time and are now just doing whatever they can to let out their creative energy. For Kay, that apparently meant throwing on one of his wedding cake-inspired fedoras and women’s high heel shoes, and putting together a coronavirus-inspired parody version of David Bowie‘s 1983 dance-pop tune, “Let’s Dance”.

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Kay’s makeshift “Let’s Dance” parody, themed around the city-wide lockdown initiatives being taken on by countries around the world thanks to COVID-19, was shared to the band’s social media outlets over the weekend. The 1:33 minute recording hears Kay replace Bowie’s lyrics of “Let’s Dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the blues” with “Lockdown! Put on your face mask and watch TV.” Eventually, the camera pulls away from the singer’s face and hat to reveal that, like the rest of us in quarantine mode, Kay didn’t even bother putting on any pants for the recording.

Watch the entire parody below.

Jamiroquai – “Lockdown” [David Bowie “Let’s Dance” Parody]

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