Jeff Tweedy appeared as the featured musical guest on Monday’s installment of Late Night with Seth Meyers, where he performed one of his original solo tunes, “Gwendolyn”. The Wilco frontman/guitarist also stuck around for an interview where he discussed his new book, as well as a confusion he had with P. Diddy at the Grammy awards.

Tweedy was on Seth Meyers to promote his fourth solo record, Love Is The King, which dropped last month. Additionally, Tweedy has a new book out called How To Write One Song, which teaches readers some of the very same techniques used by the illustrious singer-songwriter.

Alongside his backing band, Tweedy appeared from his remote studio to perform the Love Is The King single. A dreary shuffle, the tune would be more depressing if it weren’t actually a love song. Similar to some of the celebrated sections of the Wilco discography, the song’s true nature is masked by Tweedy’s deadpan delivery and insulated by a catchy, if sparing, guitar hook.

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Watch Jeff Tweedy perform “Gwendolyn” on Seth Meyers below.

Jeff Tweedy – “Gwendolyn”

[Video: Late Night with Seth Meyers]

Following his performance, Tweedy sat for a virtual chat with the former Weekend Update anchor. “Gwendolyn” came back around in conversation, as Meyers was one of the many celebrities to contribute the lower half of his face to Tweedy’s green screen video for the track. The two also explored Tweedy’s songwriting process—as displayed in How To Write One Song—as well as how a family is like a band, especially in Tweedy’s case as his two sons served as his backing band on Love Is The King.

The most amusing part of the interview, however, came when Meyers brought up the subject of the Grammy awards. When Wilco attended their first Grammy’s, Tweedy somehow drew the short straw and ended up standing outside the bathrooms holding everyone’s programs while he waited. He was then surprised by a presumptuous Sean “Diddy” Combs, who mistook the folk musician for an usher and asked for a program. The situation was ultimately remedied without incident, though Diddy isn’t the only one to blame as Tweedy said that every time he has gone to the Grammy’s since he has been mistaken for a seat filler.

Watch Jeff Tweedy talk “Gwendolyn”, Love Is The King, P. Diddy, and more with Seth Meyers.

P. Diddy Thought Jeff Tweedy Was an Usher at the Grammys

[Video: Late Night with Seth Meyers]