The Art Of Jerry Garcia is a new exhibition that just opened in the Psylodelic Gallery in Pomeroy, OH. Operated by Jorma Kaukonen, legendary member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, the exhibit features 30+ pieces made by Jerry Garcia, and will run from now through early August.

“We are so honored to be able to show my old friend Jerry’s work in the Gallery. If Jerry and I were to be able to look into the future back in the 60’s when we met, we sure would’ve gotten a kick out this. I made sure that I worked on hanging this show in particular. His work is exemplary,” said Kaukonen in a statement.

Interestingly, one of Garcia’s most famed pieces, an oil painting called Wisteria, has been made into a new limited edition archival print. That print will not only be viewable at the Psylodelic Gallery, but will be on display for the Grateful Dead celebration at the Asbury Park Music in Film Festival. For more about that festival, read this article highlighting the various installments, including a screening of Grateful Dawg, and a panel discussion about Martin Scorsese’s long awaited Grateful Dead documentary.

All of Garcia’s work is presented by the Jerry Garcia Foundation. Manasha Garcia, who co-founded the Foundation, spoke about Wisteria and its impact. “Wisteria brings the viewer impressions of spring. Cascading purple flowers and verdant hills and trees move in graceful lines touching the blue sky… We’re very pleased to present Wisteria to the community and honored to have it exhibited at the Psylodelic Gallery and at Asbury Park Music and Film Festival.”

For more information, you can visit the Jerry Garcia Foundation website. View Wisteria below: