moe. percussionist Jim Loughlin gave fans a window into his musical world with a tour of his home studio and a full rundown of the gear he uses in a video posted to the band’s YouTube page on Saturday.

While moe. won’t be ringing in 2021 the way it usually does, the jam stalwarts have still managed to stay busy. Guitarist Al Schnier will host a solo livestream on his Lively page on Wednesday, and Loughlin has hosted regular livestreams via the Busking Down The House page on Facebook.

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In the 20-minute tour of Jim World, viewers are bombarded with a barrage of technical information that will go over the heads of most laypeople. Though some of the terminology requires at least a minor in audio engineering, even those with the most cursory knowledge can appreciate the expanded vocabulary of Loughlin’s percussive output. Hopefully now more fans of the Buffalo-bred quintet will be able to spot the difference between a vibraphone, marimba, and xylophone.

Watch moe. percussionist Jim Loughlin give a crash course in his gear set up and home studio.

Jim Loughlin’s home studio tour & gear rundown

[Video: moe.]