Guitar God Jimi Hendrix has been gone for some time now, but his music will never die. Especially not at this time, as the artist had material that was previously unreleased to the world. Hendrix’s producer and record engineer Eddie Kramer is behind this upcoming and very anticipated LP release, titled “People, Hell and Angels,” which is due out March 5, 2013. Kramer was one of the main forces behind Jimi’s “Electric Ladyland” and witnessed the musician thrive in his comfort zone at Electric Ladyland Studios in the late 1960′s.

The Rolling Stone interview, which can be seen below, shows Eddie Kramer’s enthusiasm towards the artist and the value of the material that will be released next year. The song “Somewhere” from the upcoming album is previewed in the video below. With Stephen Stills on guitar and Buddy Miles on drums, the track is a must listen and a good tease for the album to come. Kramer describes his take on Jimi Hendrix’s technique throughout the song in the video as well.