Drummer Joe Russo celebrates another trip around the sun today, December 18th. What better way to celebrate the Joe Russo’s Almost Dead leader’s 43rd birthday than by revisiting one of his more unique performances from recent years: The time he set up his kit in New York City’s Central Park for a surprise outdoor jam alongside Phil Lesh and Eric Krasno back on November 9th, 2013.

The three musicians had to dress warmly for their surprise park performance, as New York City fall temperatures were in full effect that day in November. The trio played some jazz-inspired jams in addition to a Soulive-style instrumental cover of The Beatles‘ “Get Back” as fans started to gather around their makeshift equipment setup.

Although Russo and Krasno are not super recognizable to the average tourist or out-of-towner strolling through the world’s most famous park on a fall afternoon, Lesh’s involvement with the Grateful Dead helped to draw some spectators who quickly picked up on what was happening in front of them. Many Deadheads are still quick to remember the band’s performance at the nearby Central Park Bandshell in the summer of 1969.

Revisit part of the trio’s surprise park jam from 2013 in the videos and audio player below.

Phil Lesh, Eric Krasno, Joe Russo – Get Back – 11/9/2013

[Video: Scott Bernstein]

Phil Lesh, Eric Krasno, Joe Russo – Central Park – 11/9/2013

[Video: Associated Press]

Phil Lesh, Eric Krasno, Joe Russo – Central Park – 11/9/2013

[Video: bgcons20]

Phil Lesh, Eric Krasno, Joe Russo – Central Park – 11/9/2015

Joe Russo has plenty of positive moments to reflect upon from the last 12 months as he celebrates another music-filled year. His main band, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead continues to grow in popularity and headline some of the biggest jam-themed festivals around the country, and he released his debut solo album, phér•bŏney, back in May.

Happy Birthday, Joe!