Reggae artist Joe Samba teamed up with The Elovaters in a new live video for his latest single, “Losing It”. The song will appear on Samba’s upcoming album, Far From Forever, due out June 17th via Law Records.

“Losing It” premiered on April 1st, and in keeping with Joe’s Billboard Chart-topping trajectory (his 2019 debut The Wrong Impression charted at #1 on Billboard’s reggae chart), the song has already amassed 125,000 plays on Spotify alone. Written in collaboration with The Elovaters’ Jackson Wetherbee, the song is a reflection of Joe’s frustrations as an up-and-coming artist during the pandemic. “Jammin’ for some tips ain’t too bad in perspective / but I’m gonna have to landscape for some breakfast,” the rising star laments.

In an increasingly divided world, Joe Samba has emerged as a purveyor of positive vibes, joyfully merging his optimistic energy with unifying messages delivered via catchy choruses and infectious grooves. His eclectic brand of upbeat reggae rocks with an undeniable soul/funk infused pop-appeal, while leveling his dynamic vocal range and guitar chops against an honest and, at times, raw lyricism.

Born Joe Sambataro, Joe Samba recently changed his stage name from Joe Sambo after a fan brought it to his attention that the term “sambo” is, in fact, a racially insensitive relic of the Jim Crow-era and a word that carries a dark history in America as a derogatory label for persons of African descent.

“I have been lucky enough to be able to travel, and share my love of music with people all over the country. And in my travels, I became aware that the word ‘Sambo’ means something very different to a large percentage of our country. A meaning I was unaware of,” he wrote in a social media post. “Where I grew up, it was a privilege not knowing the historical connotation of this word, and I feel it’s important to publicly acknowledge what it means for others,” he continued. “My name change from something that has been with me since childhood, may be a hard transition, but it was an easy decision.”

Watch the new video of Joe Samba and The Elovaters performing “Losing It” live in studio below. Pre-save Far From Forever here, and for more information, visit Joe’s website.

Joe Samba – “Losing It” Featuring The Elovaters