John Dwyer is never one to gather dust. Last year, the OSEES bandleader released four albums with his primary outfit and has already issued Weirdo Hairdo and Live at Big Sur this year. On Tuesday, Dwyer announced a coming addition to his never-ending discography with Endless Garbage, an eight-track experimental LP due out on March 19th via Castle Face Records.

The album will see Dwyer teamed up with his improvisational quintet of Ted Byrnes (drums), Greg Coates (upright bass), fellow OSEES member Tom Dolas (keyboards), and Brad Caulkins (Horns). Coates, Dolas, and Caulkins previously worked with Dwyer on his January solo album, Witch Egg.

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Endless Garbage is very much rooted in garage rock, as the album was conceived when Dwyer heard Byrnes playing the drums in his garage a few houses down. As the story goes, Dwyer left Byrnes a note on his garage to which Byrnes responded by sending Dwyer spontaneously recorded drum tracks. This then prompted Dwyer to call up the same folks from Witch Egg to “come in one at a time and just take a wild pass at their track over the drums.”

“After I spent a bit of time mixing and editing this down to a palatable offering I couldn’t help but think about human consumption,” Dwyer said. “Our limitless need for material possession, for emotional acknowledgment, for as much information to be thrown in our faces in our very short time here on this mortal coil. We are buried in information. We are constantly hungry and perhaps too smart for our own good. We leave behind us a wake of destruction. Of course, there are moments of great beauty, ingenuity and compassion along the way.  You just have to know where to look. Thus, ‘Endless Garbage’ seemed a fitting title. A cacophonous and glorious sketch of ourselves.”

Ahead of the album’s release, Dwyer has supplied listeners with “No Flutter” and “Goose”, which appear next to each other on the album and are conjoined as one YouTube video. Dwyer provided the following listening notes for the experimental music, “Take a breath and repeat until you depart the small things we take for granted that sit with you in the end.”

Listen to “No Flutter” and “Goose” from the upcoming John Dwyer experimental album Endless Garbage, out March 19th via Castle Face. Scroll down to see the album artwork and full tracklisting.

John Dwyer – “No Flutter/Goose” – Endless Garbage


Endless Garbage Tracklist

1. Vertical Infinity
2. No Flutter
3. Goose
4. Four
5. Lucky You
6. Pro-Death
7. A Grotesque Display
8. No Goodbyes

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