John Fogerty finally got the chance to live out his boyhood dream of taking the diamond at Dodger Stadium on Thursday. Only, the Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman played his hit song “Centerfield”, rather than nine innings.

The rocker celebrated his 75th birthday on Thursday, and shared the performance video on his Facebook page. John was joined by his children TylerShane, and Kelsey Fogerty in the outfield, as his children have become his regular backing band since the pandemic hit, referring to themselves as “Fogerty’s Factory.”

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Located the outfield of Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles, John begins the video by relating his childhood dream of playing professional baseball. While he never made the pros as a centerfield-playing youngster like he dreamed, “on my 75th birthday here we are at Dodger Stadium and I get to play “Centerfield” with my family, it’s gonna be awesome.” The video then pans over to Fogerty’s Factory already tuned up and waiting “on deck” in centerfield for the patriarch to arrive. They then bust into, get this, Fogerty’s solo home-run hit “Centerfield” from 1985.

Aside from the iconic clapping introduction, this version of “Centerfield” features no percussion, as Fogerty’s children fill in with a bass and two electric guitars in addition to Fogerty’s relevant Louisville Slugger guitar. The lack of drums and organ gives the song a bit of a hollow feel, as if the song itself is corked, but clearly the focus here is not on the sound quality itself but rather the imagery. Here are the Fogertys playing to an empty stadium hoping, like the rest of us, for the return of the boys of summer. John said in the video’s caption,

It took 75 years and it’s a little different than I envisioned. Now on my birthday I get to fulfill my dream playing “Centerfield” in centerfield with my kids on the team. A home run! Hopefully it won’t be long until we are able to have baseball back. Until then… “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!” ⚾️🏟 #fogertysfactory

Watch John Fogerty and his children, aka Fogerty’s Factory, play “Centerfield” at Dodger Stadium.

Fogerty’s Factory — “Centerfield”

While Fogerty was forced to cancel his summer tour, he is still set to play a run of “Final Shows” this coming fall in Las Vegas. Visit his website for more information and announcements.