John Fogerty was the latest musician to perform on Rolling Stone‘s new remote concert series, “In My Room“, where the Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman ran through a medley of the band’s hits from throughout his home.

Cloaked in his classic flannel shirt and joined by his dog Creedence in the backyard, Fogerty welcomed fans to his “In My Room” session and prefaced his performance with the understatement that, “these are certainly different times we’re living through.”

Fogerty drops into the hard A-minor that opens, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”, which starts with the lyrics that have remained prescient for decades, “Someone told me long ago/There’s a calm before the storm/I know, it’s been coming for some time.”

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The video then cuts to Fogerty in his home studio, now donning a different flannel and black baseball hat, for a rendition of “Bad Moon Rising”. It’s hard to tell if Fogerty is attempting to stoke fear with his song selections, or simply reminding viewers that there have been plenty of previous hardships that we’ve been able to make it through together. “Hope you’ve got your sings together/hope you are quite prepared to die,” might not be quite the lyrical inspiration the country needs at the moment.

Finally, the video cuts to Fogerty sitting at his grand piano, in yet another flannel and black baseball cap, for a rendition of “Long As I Can See The Light”. It appears that Fogerty at one point or another realized, or somebody pointed out to him, the dour nature of the songs he previously chose.

“Long As I Can See The Light” left the session, and viewers, on a more positive note that looks to the road ahead, even while our current situation may be darkening by the day.

Watch John Fogerty perform for Rolling Stone‘s “In My Room” series.

John Fogerty – “In My Room” Concert

Since launching last week with a performance by Brian Wilson, Rolling Stone has posted a new episode of “In My Room” to its Instagram page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.