Just months after announcing his plans to re-join the Red Hot Chili Peppers, guitarist John Frusciante has released a new solo album under his Trickfinger moniker, Look Down, See Us, which arrived via Evar Records.

The album marks the first Trickfinger release since 2017’s John Frusciante Presents Trickfinger II EP, and arrives much like the previous two; as an exploration and fusion of acid house, breaks, and IDM music. Unlike Frusciante’s previous albums, however, Look Down, See Us peruses into the realms of drum ‘n’ bass and jungle with the track “Cymm Trace”, culminating in a sonically and geographically diverse dance music creation.

The album is also very minimalistic in its production styles, such as the breakbeat title track which is highlighted by an irregular and creeping beat, and the synth-laden first track, “GR 8”.

Stream the new album in its entirety below:

Trickfinger – Look Down, See Us

Additionally, Frusciante has detailed the release of two additional albums, She Smiles Because She Presses the Button, which is due out on June 3rd, and still-untitled project set for release later this year. Evar Records will release both albums.

As for the Chili Peppers, drummer Chad Smith confirmed back in January that the band will release a new album with Frusciante, though he did not offer a release date. The Chili Peppers were scheduled to play several shows this spring, such as Boston Calling, however, those dates have been canceled or postponed. Due to the current shutdown of all live events, it is unclear when the Chili Peppers will begin their tour.

Head to the RHCP website for the latest information.

[H/T Consequence of Sound]