John Frusciante has released yet another album under his Trickfinger moniker, the latest titled She Smiles Because She Presses The Button, out via the Acid Test sub-label, Avenue 66. The album marks his second this year, following the release of Look Down, See Us in April, and continues a busy 2020 for Frusciante, who recently rejoined the Red Hot Chili Peppers in December of 2019 after a 10-year absence from the group.

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Frusciante preempted the album by releasing two singles back in April, “Amb” and “Brise”, which set the tone for the excursion into IDM, electro, and everything in between. Arriving as his most diverse, yet cohesive Trickfinger album, She Smiles Because She Presses The Button sees John Frusciante explore areas of music like never before.

The album’s Bandcamp description notes: “The common thread through this quixotic journey are his trademark, timeless melodies,” which are certainly on display in the fourth track, “Plane”.

She Smiles Because She Presses The Button is a culmination of his years of immersion “In machines, learning tracker programs, synths and drum machines inside and out, applying the same, tireless approach he’s exhibited throughout his career,” the description continues. Listen to the exploratory album below and click here to purchase on Bandcamp.

Trickfinger – She Smiles Because She Presses The Button

In addition to working on his Trickfinger project, Frusciante has also stayed quite busy after rejoining the Chili Peppers. As drummer Chad Smith confirmed back in January, the group is currently working on a new album with Frusciante, the first that will include his contributions since 2006’s Stadium Arcadium. Visit the Chili Peppers’ website for the latest information.