The 2009 biopic about late Beatles guitarist John Lennon is set to be adapted into a musical in the near future.

According to Deadline, the rights for the 2009 film, Nowhere Boy, which chronicled the early, pre-Beatles years of John Lennon, have been acquired by AF Creative Media and Aged in Wood Productions with the goal of turning it into a theatrical production. The original film featured actors Aaron TaylorKristen Scott Thomas, and Anne-Marie Duff, who portrayed the story’s main characters in Lennon, his strict aunt Mimi Smith, and his late mother Julia, who was killed by an automobile in July 1958 when John was just 17-years-old.

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The attempt at bringing the story to the stage is currently in its “very early development stages,” although the producers already know that the production will feature plenty of music. It’s unclear at the moment which songs would be used for the musical, as the timeframe will be set prior to the formation of The Beatles, although The Quarrymen–Lennon’s first band alongside Paul McCartney–did play a role towards the latter half of the film. Some of the music featured in the musical will likely come from the African-American blues and proto-rock musicians who inspired an entire generation of young British teenagers and musicians in the 1950s.

“We’ve just secured the rights of the film,” AF Creative’s Brian Lee said in a statement about the project. “A team we’ll be traveling to London this summer, trying to figure out the right person to bring this narrative to life.”

The theatrical adaptation has not been given a projected arrival date, other than producers are hoping for a U.K. debut sometime in the next few years. Fans can check out the trailer below to see some clips from the original film.

Nowhere Boy – Official Trailer

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