Earlier today, John Mayer went live from Facebook to share his new single “Love On The Weekend” with the world. The track is on the poppy-er side, but as he explains, does not represent the entire record, which he confirmed was titled The Search For Everything. The record includes bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan, and according to Mayer’s live video, he will be hitting the road “for a tour next year, starting in the spring” in support of this upcoming release.

“Everything you wish to happen next year is going to happen next year,” Mayer adds. “If you wrote down what you most wish you could see at a concert, that’s going to happen.” Well, we have a lot of thoughts going on in our minds. Listen to the album’s first song, “Love On The Weekend” below:

Mayer comments on his experience with Dead & Company saying that it is “some of the best live experience that I’ve ever had on stage because of the way in which the crowd interacts with the band and vice versa. And, the way in which taking the stage is not so much a star-based experience and more a communal thing with the music. I’ve never been more free, in a lot of ways, on stage than with Dead & Company, and I’m definitely going to borrow that as much as possible and put them into my own live shows.” Watch the full Q&A video below: