John Mayer has slowly earned the trust of the jam band community over the past few years after multiple tours with Dead & Company. At first, the announcement that Mayer would be hitting the road and playing Grateful Dead tunes with the band’s original members Bob WeirBill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart seemed out of left field—his pop reputation precedes him, and I think it’s safe to say that near everyone was nervous that he’d be able to rise to the occasion.

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However, touring with Dead & Company seems to have had a real and true positive effect on Mayer, who previously exhibited some of the less savory characteristics of stardom, and quite frankly, seemed kind of like a dick. Since embarking on the road with the band, Mayer has been outspoken about the profound influence both his bandmates and the Grateful Dead’s music have had on his life. Plus, we got to hand it to him—the dude really does shred, and it’s been awesome to watch him and Dead & Company grow together.

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In the spirit of reflection and personal growth, let’s take a look at John Mayer back in 2007 just to see exactly how far he’s come. Comedy and satire site Funny or Die recently posted a hilarious of video of John Mayer from a decade ago in which the (at-the-time) pop starlet “explained” his music creation process. A caricature of himself with a couple of incredible one-liners, Mayer’s tongue-and-cheek portrayal of himself is worth a watch, if not only to have a laugh and feel good about having him along for the ride with us. Enjoy!


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