Last week, actor Gal Gadot rounded up a handful of notable entertainers ranging from Will Ferrell and Sia to Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Wiig to submit self-shot videos of themselves singing a cover of John Lennon‘s inspiring ballad, “Imagine”. The well-edited video quickly went viral thanks to the pop star power involved in the DIY project, although there was one notable name and face missing from the communal performance in Dead & Company guitarist John Mayer.

It turns out Mayer was invited by Gadot to participate in the all-star virtual sing-a-long, but due to confusion on which version of “Imagine” he was supposed to sing, Mayer missed out on being part of the viral cover.

As Mayer explained in a “Current Mood” video clip shared to his Instagram over the weekend, he was under the impression that he was supposed to submit a cover of himself singing the “Imagine” which appeared as the opening track on Ariana Grande‘s 2019 album, thank u, next.

As seen below, Mayer shows that, though impressive, his contribution made absolutely no sense in continuing the John Lennon theme throughout Gadot’s video project, but he has no remorse for his attempted involvement.

John Mayer – Current Mood Update – 3/21/20

[Video: John Mayer USA]

A+ for effort, John.