Leon Bridges and John Mayer have released a new music video for their quarantine-appropriate collaboration, “Inside Friend“, initially released last month as a single.

In a creative take on the prevalent, split-screen style we’ve come to know well via countless quarantine collaborations, the “Inside Friend” video shows Bridges and Mayer in PJs and comfy clothes in their respective homes. From hanging with the dog to repeatedly checking the fridge to grilling up some dinner and dancing in the kitchen, Bridges and Mayer happily show off their day-to-day quarantined lives as they sing along. Mayer does, however, briefly take “Inside Friend” outside of his Montana home to bask in the glory of the Big Sky country scenery as he takes a solo on his PRS Silver Sky guitar. As Bridges noted in a post about the video, “nowww we really hit that quarantine stride.”

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The song itself unsurprisingly smooth as silk, considering the two emotive artists behind it. The 808-assisted, dreamlike tune features lead vocals from both and collaborative vocals on the chorus as well as dripping vamps and watery riffs from Mayer’s guitar.

Turn the lights down low and watch the new video for Leon Bridges/John Mayer collab “Inside Friend” below:

Leon Bridges ft. John Mayer – “Inside Friend” [Official Video]

[Video: Leon Bridges]

As Rolling Stone notes, Leon Bridges and John Mayer began working on the track last year, before the world went into lockdown, with the goal of celebrating the introverts who’d rather chill at home than go out and party. The song was initially placed on the backburner because it didn’t fit with the rest of the material Bridges was working on, but the two decided to rekindle the project when being “inside friends” became a necessity for everyone.