The Livingston Enterprise has reported that a much-needed supply of ventilators is on its way to a hospital in Park County, Montana thanks to a “generous” donation by John Mayer.

After reaching out to Livingston HealthCare to inquire what equipment was most needed, Mayer, who is a part-time resident of Park County, quietly donated an undisclosed amount to be used for the purchase of ventilators for the facility. He apparently sought no publicity for the good deed, but his name was released by the hospital’s spokesperson after a request by The Enterprise “in hopes of boosting community morale.”

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The hospital is reportedly “faring well with equipment at this time,” but with national shortages looming, they are working to conserve personal protective equipment that is in short supply.

The Livingston HealthCare Foundation has established an Emergency Response Fund to help meet the needs of caregivers and patients of COVID-19. You can follow John’s lead and make a donation by visiting the foundation’s website and clicking the COVID-19 link at the top of the page, or by donating to your local hospital.

[H/T The Livingston Enterprise]