Earlier this month, John Mayer shared a new single, “New Light”, marking his first release since his 2017 album, The Search For Everything. The song is a breezy earworm which, as Mayer noted, satisfies his “summer bop” persona. Today, the multiple Grammy-winner shared a new video for the track—although it might not be exactly what you’d expect from a world-famous pop star. As Mayer noted in an Instagram post this morning:

I needed to make a video for New Light but nobody could agree on a budget, so I went to a place downtown and made this with a company that usually does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos. Link. In. Bio.

Turns out, Mayer wasn’t lying. The video begins with what looks like a decades-old karaoke title screen from “Celebrity Status Music Video Service” announcing the next “client, “John Mayor”, performing “New Light”. As the title screen disappears in a retro cheesy diamond swipe, it reveals Mayer standing in front of a green screen-generated Manhattan skyline. After a moment of looking confused, he states emphatically, “I’m John Mayer, and I’m ready to be a star!”

The rest of the video follows in kind, as an amusingly bashful Mayer—dressed in his finest tattered and stained pajamas—inserts himself into stock footage clips via green screen, going from “highway,” to “fun in the sun,” to “office receptionist,” to “fireworks,” to “Grand Canyon” and further into the great, random beyond. Watch the hilariously low-budget video for John Mayer’s “New Light”—labeled as “Premium Content!”—below. Premium content indeed, John Mayor. Premium content, indeed.

John Mayer – “New Light” (Premium Content!)

[Video: John Mayer]

As of now, no information has been shared regarding whether or not there is more solo music coming from John Mayer, but we’re hoping he has more new music on the way. Until then, you can catch him on the road with Dead & Company this summer. For a full list of Dead & Company’s upcoming tour dates, head here.