In celebration of his new PRS SE Silver Sky signature model guitar, John Mayer recruited a number of our favorite guitarists to take it for a test drive and make good on the new line’s slogan, “Tone For All.”

In a clip shared by PRS, the groove from Mayer’s Sob Rock track “Wild Blue” plays behind a series of soloists. Included in the procession are Ariel Posen, Lindsay Ell, Eric Krasno, Isaiah Sharkey, Chris Payton, and Celisse.

Part of the PRS SE line, the new model is a more affordable version of Mayer’s PRS Silver Sky signature model, initially released in 2018. As John Mayer noted in a separate video running down the new, cheaper guitar’s specs, “For 20 years now, parents have come up to me asking what electric guitar I think they should buy for their kid. And I never really had a good answer. I always felt either guilty for recommending something too expensive or guilty for recommending something that I didn’t think was very high-quality. … The Silver Sky SE is now the answer that I’ve been looking for because it’s affordable enough, but it’s also gonna stand up against the test of time and a lot of playing.”

For more information on the PSR guitars John Mayer signature SE Silver Sky—which retails for around $850 as opposed to the original Silver Sky’s $2,550—head here.

Watch Ariel Posen, Lindsay Ell, Eric Krasno, Isaiah Sharkey, Chris Payton, and Celisse solo over “Wild Blue” and hear John Mayer put the PRS SE Silver Sky to work in the clips below.

Isaiah Sharkey, Eric Krasno, Celisse, More Play “Wild Blue” (John Mayer) On Silver Sky SE

John Mayer Shows Off New PRS SE Silver Sky – Product Demo