John Mayer may have spent much of 2022 touring the United States in support of his yacht rock-stylized new album, Sob Rock, but it’s the renewed popularity of a simple 2017 piano ballad in a country on the other side of the world that has him feeling grateful this holiday season: In a video posted to his social media on Monday, Mayer explained that “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me”, the closing track from 2017’s The Search for Everything, has been his most-streamed song over the last several months thanks to listeners in Indonesia.

As he notes in the post caption, “A few months ago, my song ‘You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me’ blew up without explanation. When I looked deeper into it, it turns out that my fans in Indonesia were the reason. There’s nothing like a song finding a home in people’s hearts years after it was released. Thank you, Indonesia, for breathing new life into this very special song.”

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In the video itself, John Mayer addresses his Indonesian fans from behind a piano. “I just want to take a moment to thank everyone in Indonesia for making my song ‘You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me’ my most-streamed song over the last few months,” he says. “I am so flattered by it, and so touched that a song that means so much to me also means something to you. So, I thought I would play you a little bit of it as a way to say thank you.” He goes on to play the first verse of the song, thanking fans once again before the video fades to black over the song’s whistled refrain.

John Mayer has not returned to Indonesia since his April 5th, 2019 show at Indonesia Convention Exhibition, but we have a feeling the Southeast Asian country will be on his schedule once again the next time he makes it to that part of the planet.

Watch John Mayer’s message of gratitude to fans in Indonesia for letting “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” live forever in them below. Scroll down to watch Mayer perform the full song for CNN‘s tribute to those we lost in 2020 on New Year’s Eve 2020.


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John Mayer – “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” (Live)